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With over 16 years in the solar industry and over 20 years in home improvement sales, Terri has consistently been one of the top sales consultants in the United States selling home improvement products. On top of out-performing most of the competition, she somehow found time to write two books, develop a training program on how to sell solar, and has made it her mission to empower others to live the life they want to on their terms. At the center of all her accomplishments and what drives her every day is her  “Why” which is her precious family that she loves and adores, her passion to help others achieve their dreams, and the desire to help others establish themselves as an authority in the solar industry. 




"She is amazing..."


How To 3x Your Current Book of Business Using Solar And Multiply Your Sales In Just 30 Short Days!
(So You Can Quickly Grow Your Business, Influence, & Revenue!)

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Solar is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It empowers you to work where you want and when you want, giving you the freedom to do what you want with your life.  Joining the solar industry will give you the power to be financially free with virtually unlimited income potential. To find out how to live the life you want, not the life you have, fill out the form below.

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About us

As the cost of energy skyrockets and people become more eco-conscious, more and more are looking to make the switch to solar energy. Project Solar Energy not only offers all-in-one solar solutions to retail customers, but also provides full support and an in-depth blueprint to entrepreneurs who are wanting to start their own solar company and home improvement companies that are looking to offer solar solutions to their clients.

Project Solar Energy, a solar sales business and coaching company that focuses on teaching people how to start a solar business, has been scaling home improvement companies to offer solar as part of their core company. They offer home improvement businesses training, a blueprint, and access to tools that make adding solar to their existing core business seamless. Offering this type of opportunity to businesses enables them to include a solar solution for their customers without having to install the solar themselves and without a large capital risk. The solar industry, measured by revenue, was $10.8 bn for 2021. By 2030 the US solar market for residential homes is anticipated to quadruple.

Project Solar Energy has seen monumental growth and is in the process of expanding from California into Florida, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and more states to come within the next month. Terri Loftus is founder of Project Solar Energy and the inventor of “The Ultimate Home Improvement Business Sales Multiplier”. She has been in the solar industry for almost 16 years and has been teaching sales consultants and Home Improvement companies how to easily sell and add solar services to their businesses without spending a dime on solar panels or inventory. Using this approach allows small, medium and large businesses to begin offering complete solar solutions to their existing and new book of clientele.

During a recent interview, Terri Loftus was quoted as saying, “We are very excited to be able to help more business owners incorporate solar solutions for their customers without their company having to spend their operating capital for solar panels, trucks, or additional staff. With the ‘Great Resignation’ where employees are rethinking their careers, quitting their current jobs, and looking for flexible work to avoid burnout, this offers home improvement companies the ability to add another service to their current specialty and can be sold alongside their original product.”

She went on to say, “Since their company can acquire solar customers from their current book of business, this multiplies the per customer value, increasing their profits and their salesperson’s commissions with very minimal additional effort. Since solar can be sold over the phone or virtually to their previous customers, it offers the ability for employees to work from their home, anywhere in the world, wherever and whenever they want giving them freedom, flexibility, and work-life balance.”

Home improvement companies that partner with Project Solar Energy will have a seamless solution to offer solar and to help homeowners take advantage of owning solar with no money down and lower monthly payments.

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