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Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could live out YOUR dreams every day and be in control of your own destiny? Throw away the nine to five and work your hours when you want and where you want. Do you want to finally be fully in control of your life? To be able to be your own boss and establish achievable goals that you’re working towards without having to sell your precious time to some company that doesn’t even know you’re employed there? Have you ever sat on the edge of your bed in the morning feeling like the only reason you’re working the job you hate is because you just can’t get ahead and you would do anything to be able to not go to work every day for minimum wage and maximum effort just to see everything you earn go towards the gas to get there? If you’ve ever felt any of those things, then you’re not alone. Thousands of people feel like that every. single. day. And they are essentially powerless to do anything to change it. Every day thousands of people wake up at an hour they don’t want to be awake at, to go to a job they don’t even like, to get a paycheck that is far below what they anticipated. It’s really sad that some people have to go through that constantly.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be one of those people. Terri the blueprint to get you out from under those big companies that simply don’t care about you and give you the ability to stop having to make other people’s dreams come true rather than yours.
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Using the tools that we provide, you gain an unfair advantage over others in the exact same position you are in right now. You can stop dealing with not making enough money, working hours you hate, and not living out your dream. We offer the opportunity to potentially become financially free along with becoming worry free.


We offer industry-leading tools that normally cost HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars but we offer them for much less than other companies do. Normally these tools are exclusive to those who are already in the industry and have connections that take years to form, but with Terri's 16 years in the solar industry, she makes sure that your solar business is set up in a way that could make you more than your wildest dreams. Her goal is to help you get established and make money in the solar industry! 

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Not only do you get access to Terri's incredible mind, but you also get 1 year of access to the PRO-CRM that she uses on a daily basis. Not only will this CRM help you close more deals, but it will also create a workspace for you to be able to manage all your customers more effectively. On top of all of that, the automation, email scripts, forms, and tags are pre-programmed with proven to click through wording that will speed up your sales process with emails and messages being sent automatically from your account, which helps you keep in touch with your customers as soon as they're entered.

Because the way of selling is trending towards virtual sales, you also get a setup call with Terri's Tech Team so they can set up Zoom and OBS which potentially can completely change the way you're able to close online. Using Terri's proven methods, you're able to be set up with a state-of-the-art virtual studio that rivals television.  

Not only do you get access to all of that, but you also invest in yourself by taking advantage of Terri's marketing team which will help you establish your brand identity and get you on your way to being on the main social media platform

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